Chook's Tracks

Goldwater Claim discovered 1885. In 1887 prospectors MacKay, Kelly, Harris, and McWilliams discovered a quartz lode on the narrow ridge facing the Wairoa Stream on the east side.

Drove adit 40 feet long made 30 foot workings and an 8 foot winze at open end.

3 cwt of selected stone was taken from a parcel of 11 tons and treated at the Kuranui battery at Thames. It returned £150. Eleven cwt sent to Fraser and Sons, Auckland returned 14 ozs bullion, mainly silver.

31 tons of quartz yielded 1256 ozs bullion. Ground abandoned in 1888.

In 1889 the Goldwater Mining Co. was formed and they sent a parcel to Australia which was said to be favourable but the company wound up and the land lay idle till 1897 when the Prince Charlie Gold Mining Co gave it a trial. Idle for about 10 years before the Glamorgan Mining Co., Auckland was formed. It also took over the Silver King, Herald, and Observer Claims but ceased in 1910.

Total production set down at 42 tons of quartz crushed for 1470 ozs bullion worth £1375.

From: Gold Mines of the Hauraki District. By J F Downey.

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