Chook's Tracks

This mine adjoined the Durbar on the South East. It was worked 1889 – 1907.

Three adits being driven, the lowest of which was driven as a crosscut for 735ft before reaching the main vein. A reef said to average 2ft in width.

In 1901, one ton was taken from several veins and yielded £30 in bullion.

About 1904, a syndicate took the claim over and did a good deal of prospecting on the No.2 Level and thought it justified putting an option on the old 20 stamp battery at the Waitekauri Mine.

The battery, however, was never shifted and the syndicate ceased work at the end of 1907.

No. 1 Adit was driven, all told, 650ft.

No.2 Adit 600ft.

No.3 Adit 735ft.

This mine is found by walking for 1 ¼ hours up the Old Alpha Road and then taking a pack track to the left, which leads up over the old tramline to Waitekauri around the left hand side of the ridge to the mine.