Chook's Tracks

Originally part of the Alpha Claim in the Komata and was worked intermittently from 1894 to about the end of 1908.

The Alpha Gold Mining Company was formed to work it, and they erected a 20 stamp battery in the headwaters of the Kathleen Stream.

They started crushing in 1899 but results were poor. 965 tons crushed for 625 ozs bullion, worth £711.

In 1908, the Durbar Gold Mining Co. took up part of the claim and mined the upper levels for 100 tons, which they disposed of to the Komata Mining Co.

Another parcel of 10 tons was sent to the Day Dawn and Norfolk Co.'s battery at Thames, which yielded 50 ounces bullion, worth £50.

A further 83 tons, treated in 1909, yielded bullion worth £135.

Not being payable, all work ceased and to the end of 1933 no further work was done.

Total 1,158 tons crushed for 947 ounces bullion, worth £896.

The foundations of the above battery and mine can be found going down to the right, off the old Alpha Road, about ten minutes before reaching the spot where the Alpha Road climbs steeply to the old tramline from the Komata, which went to the Waitekauri Battery.

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