Chook's Tracks

Discovered 1897.

The Hauraki Peninsula Exploration Co. Ltd. of London, developed this mine until 1899 at which time the Exploration Co. Ltd., formed the Mananu Gold Mining Co. Ltd. of London to carry out the work.

They erected a ten stamp battery with cyanide plant in 1900 and by 1901 had crushed 1,002 tons for 1,369 ounces bullion worth £2,606.

At this point a further ten stamps were added to the mill and another 5,727 tons was crushed for 7,560 ounces bullion, worth £12,154.

Following this, work ceased until more money could be raised.

Work started again in late 1903, but ceased in 1905 and the mine was sold to Mr H. H. Adams who formed the Auckland Gold Mining Co., who, in return operated until 1908.

The only payable ore was found in the top levels. All lower level work was done for love.

Gold is a bit like Love. It's where one finds it.

Total Production – 9,891 tons crushed for 15,086 ounces bullion, worth £25,228.

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