Several of these sources exist as digital documents from which original page numbers have been lost. Numbers in brackets indicate page numbers in these digital documents.

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives (AJHR)

The document ‘Mines Statements covering Waihi’ contains extracts of most years from 1881 to 1915.

Bulletin No 15 NZ Geological Survey

Bulletin No 26 NZ Geological Survey. Waihi Goldfield

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District], 1902

Papers Past

Philip Hart. Te Aroha Mining District Working Papers and then filter by Hart.

In particular, papers:

Shortened to: ‘Hart on Daniel Leahy, 2016’ in the footnotes.

Shortened to ‘Hart on William Nicholl, 2016’ in the footnotes.


Shortened to ‘Isdale, 1978’ in the footnotes. Numbers in brackets indicate page numbers of the document in my computer, not Isdale’s original.


COMPANY TOWN. An industrial history of the Waihi Gold Mining Company, Limited, 1887-1912. Thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in History. By Philip Rainer University of Auckland, December 1976.

Shortened to ‘Company Town, Rainer. 1976’ in the foot notes.

EG Banks

Milling and Treatment at the Waihi Mine, New Zealand. By E. G. Banks. Paper No. 221 Paper presented at the Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers, Thames New Zealand 1911.

Ohinemuri Regional History Journals (ORHJ)

Waihi Borough Council Diamond Jubilee Booklet 1902-1962

The Waihi Mine


Gold Mining at Waihi, 1878-1952, JB McAra


Annual Reports

Reports of the Directors of the Waihi Gold Mining Company. They include the Superintendents Annual Reports.

The document ‘Annual Reports of the Directors, Waihi Gold Mining Company’ contains extracts from 1887 to 1916.

C.W. Vennell

Men of Metal. The Story of A&G Price Ltd. 1868 - 1968. C.W. Vennell. 1968


J.F. Downey, Gold-Mines of the Hauraki District, New Zealand (Wellington, 1935)

Waihi Arts Centre and Museum

HP Barry photograph albums