Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 55, September 2011

Tui Kai Rangi was the old Maori name for Primrose Hill in Paeroa upon which the cenotaph now stands and below are verses written by Alice A. Kenny recalling the days when the people of Paeroa could hear the song of the tui on the hill, its liquid notes like the twinkling of the bells "borne on the winds of yesterday".

Little forest bird;
Here, oh there, long ago,
Your wild notes were heard.
Comes no more the tui,
Gone the forest trees;
Cloud shadows on the grass,
The sun and the breeze.
Oh! but the long ago!
Young voices borne
On the winds of yesterday –
School bells at morn.
High on the children's hill,
Loud with gay cries
Stands the grey shafts of stone,
Square to the skies.
Oh! Children grown and gone!
Faint in the sunny air
And echo lingers on.
Heard through the summer air,
Thrilling and lone.
Far – far – faint and far
A brave bugle blown.

Hauraki Plains Gazette, April 23 1951