Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 48, September 2004


Stopping place for travellers
to wander up and down,
L & P to savour
in Paeroa town.
Not too far from Auckland
for Aucklanders to settle
Neighbours are so friendly
they'll put on the kettle.
Why choose Paeroa, some may say:
there's no beach, or train
A long way from an aeroplane,
What do you do all day?
Much more peaceful than the city,
but somehow very busy.
Always something new to do,
Even time to write a ditty.
Joan Phillips, 1997


A piece of paper folded so
Stuck together ready to go.
Small and white to hold a sweet
A larger one a card to greet
you and me with wishes true,
Sometimes the bag is even blue.
A bag of sugar, a bag of flour
stacked in the shop like a tower.
A bag of potatoes in paper is best
For then they don't sweat with the rest.
Mushrooms are better in paper they say
where they keep quite well for another day.
Paper bags are here to stay
with many uses every day.
Firmer than plastic you must agree
they hold the goods more carefully.
But get them wet you must not do
or they will turn to a mushy goo.
Joan Phillips, 2003


The skirl of pipes,
The swinging of kilts,
The tattoo of drums!
Hills behind the castle wall
A backdrop for the pipers tall.
Then the dancers so light on their feet,
And drummers with a marching beat:
Staff florishing enthralled us all!
Entertainment such as this
should not be missed.
Paeroa - a small town standing tall!
Joan Phillips, 1997

Editor's note: The above poems are contributed by Paeroa and District Historical Society member, Joan Phillips. The poem entitled "Paeroa Tattoo" was published in the Hauraki Herald on 26 February 1997.