Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 45, September 2001

A roundabout, designed by Rachel Lambert of Boffa Miskell has been erected at the intersection of Seddon Street and Rosemont Road. A definite "talking point", it features crusher balls, used to crush the rock and obtain the ore. The roundabout is lit at night from beneath and carries through with the black and gold theme used in other design features, eg., the crucible-shaped rubbish tins, mini poppet head tree guards and seats.

A new-look Seddon Memorial has been placed at the intersection of Seddon Street and Haszard Streets. The original Memorial, also in this position, was erected in 1909 in honour of Richard John Seddon and it was removed in the 1950s as it was considered to be a traffic hazard. Modifications to the original design have been made to rectify this.

A gold-pour water feature, surrounded by rocks has been constructed in Walnutt Park and a "Millennium Wall" completed on the Martha hillside in Seddon Street.

A major addition to the mining theme was the construction of a 18-metre tall replica poppet head, funded by a grant from Waihi Gold Mining Company. It was constructed from nine-metre long Australian hardwood and was built, on its side, at the Seddon Street site. The poppet head was hoisted into position on 12 December 2000, watched by a large and appreciative crowd and it is clearly visible to tourists approaching from either Paeroa or Tauranga.

The poppet head was blessed at a ceremony on 30 January 2001. It is dedicated to the memory of the people who, in the past, have made the town of Waihi what it is today, particularly the miners who worked the underground mines.