Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 45, September 2001

On 27 November 2000 well-known Waihi resident, Nan (born Emily Louisa) Hendry celebrated her 100th Birthday and received telegrams from the Queen, the Governor General and the Prime Minister.

Nan was born in Torquay, in the south of England, one of a family of eight children. She met her husband, Walter (Mick) Hendry, from Waihi while he was convalescing at Torquay from wounds received while fighting at Passchendale. They came to New Zealand in 1920 and Mrs Hendry was horrified by the primitive conditions that she found in her new country, the outside toilets, lack of plumbing and street lights.

They made their living as basket and pram makers but their business failed during the Depression and Mick sought work at the Martha Mine.

Mick, who died early in the 1960s, and Nan had three sons, but two died while young and only Russell survives, living in Tauranga.

Nan has always been active, working in hotels and at Akrad, where she was tea lady for many years. She has travelled overseas expensively and attributes her long life to hard work and healthy living.

EDITORS NOTE : Nan Hendry died at Waihi Hospital on 27 May 2001.