Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 41, September 1997

A watch, known as a Tasman watch, was recently donated by Mr Ian Parlane to the Paeroa Museum. Mr Parlane says, "These watches were stocked by the New Zealand Forces Canteens during the Second World War specifically for sale to New Zealand servicemen. The watches were originally supplied with a leather strap and cost £4-10-0. (Metal straps were prohibited as the sun glinting on the metal might disclose the location of the wearer to the enemy.) As a serviceman's basic pay was £1-15-0 per week, the cost was approximately equal to 2½ weeks pay.

The watch is Swiss made with 15 jewels. As Switzerland was entirely surrounded by Axis powers, (Germany and Italy and countries under their occupation) it poses the question as to how such a large quantity of these watches could be delivered to New Zealand. The watch is unusual in that the case is made of 'chrome metal' (generally known as muck metal) which was seriously affected by perspiration; it also has front opening instead of the usual back opening.

My recollection is that I bought this watch in late 1944 or early 1945 and added the metal strap at a later date. I wore it for 20 years."