Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 40, September 1996

For the second consecutive year, the Paeroa and District Historical Society held a function to "launch" the publication of the latest Ohinemuri Regional History Journal.

The first such function was held on 3 September 1994 and marked the thirtieth anniversary of the Journal's publication. This function was so successful that a similar function, attended by approximately 70 members, was held on Saturday 2 September 1995, to launch the publication of the 39th Journal.

With celebrations marking the 50th Anniversary since the end of the Second World War fresh in peoples's minds, the main speaker at the afternoon gathering was Mrs Lola Tye, a member of the Paeroa Society, speaking on her experiences in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. Her talk was much enjoyed and appreciated and is published elsewhere in this Journal.

Mrs Joan Hill ably coaxed the old organ (a Museum display piece) into life, and played a selection of War-time favourites, which revived memories and set feet tapping. Some attempted singing and when words failed there was plenty of enthusiastic humming.

Mr Ken Clover of Ngatea spoke of his work in collecting oral histories of long-time Hauraki Plain's residents. He then transcribes these and prints them into booklet form.

Tribute was paid to the Journal Editors, Gary and Elaine Staples. Gary has now been editing the Journal for 19 of its (now) 32 years of publication. Elaine has assisted him for 13 years.