Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 35, September 1991

By Frank Strange

"Good clean sports and a good day's outing", so reads the poster advertising the day, 29th January, 1926, to be held in Mrs Julia Corbett's paddock at Hikutaia. It was a day eagerly looked forward to by the residents of Hikutaia and surrounding districts.

The advertisement reads: "Refreshments on ground, Thames Drum and Fife Band in attendance, side shows, dance to follow. All trains stop near ground. Sports commence 11 00am sharp. Admission, Gents 2/- Ladies 1/- children over school age sixpence. The programme lists 18 events and excellent prizes. The chopping events created great interest among the outstanding axemen. A regular attender was Dave Pretty, recognised at that time as the world champion axeman, then there were "Poly" Fisher, a young axeman of outstanding ability, Dick Angel, McCormick brothers, Fred Patterson and a one armed axeman, would you believe it, by the name of McKenzie, and many more outstanding axemen of those days. The Patrons were the Hon. Arthur Myers and Mrs Julia Corbett. President Mr Alf Alley and the Secretary Mr Isaac Robinson.

Itis interesting to note that 45 names of Hikutaia residents listed as Vice Presidents, all working enthusiastically for the success of the Sports Day. This indicates what a progressive district Hikutaia was then.

Unfortunately the most important records have been lost, although it is believed that the first meeting was held soon after the 1st World War and carried on without a break for many years.