Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 34, September 1990



The President, Mr Arthur Reid, stated in his report to the Annual General Meeting, that the year had included much activity which had helped to bring the Society's presence to the notice of the community. This encouraged visitors to the Museum.

He thanked the Treasurer, Mrs Mona Townshend, for her continued dedication and stated that the Society's financial position remained healthy. A grant had once again been received from Trustbank Waikato.

During the year Mrs McDonald, Mrs Fennell, Mrs Jurkovich and Mr Chas Townshend, Q S M had passed on and sympathy was extended to their families.

Among the notable events of the year was a luncheon held on 9 September 1989 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Society. This was attended by Civic Leaders, and neighbouring Societies as well as our own members. The Annual Dinner was held on 11 December 1989 at the Old Boys Clubrooms. A panel of five speakers each spoke on different subjects.

The Birthday of Mrs Mona Townshend was marked with a gathering of Committee members at her home in January.

Mrs Joyce Kinnaird was appointed to the local New Zealand 1990 Committee to represent the Society. In addition to supporting other various local organisations, it was resolved that the Society would beautify the entrance to the Library building with the planting of flowering plants.

The Secretary and several members attended the unveiling of the Ohinemuri County Council Centennial Cairn at Karangahake.

In his concluding remarks, the President thanked the Society's Officers, Committee and others who had supported the Society and carried out duties at the Museum.

HIGHLIGHTS May 1989 - April 1990

May 1989 Members brought articles of antique interest and spoke about them.

June Speaker - Mrs Dawn Danby - Access Schemes

July The meeting was devoted to discussion on the Society's participation in the 1990 Celebrations, the Ranfurly Shield Day Parade and the format of the Society's 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

August Speaker - Mr Pat Hart - living in Paeroa in the 1920's

September Speaker - Mr Arch McDonald – Kaihere

25th Anniversary Luncheon

October Speaker - Mrs Betty Henderson, Matron, Paeroa Geriatric Hospital - care of the elderly and her experiences in the nursing profession

November Trip - Tapu Water Gardens, Thames Museum and Totara Cemetery

December Annual Christmas Dinner

February 1990 Annual General Meeting

March Speaker - Mrs Angela Morrison - Morrison Family Reunion

Bus trip to Pavilion of New Zealand, Mangere. This coincided with the visit by the Governor General.

April Speaker - President's Report on the Federation Conference Display - "Age Concern Paeroa" at Memorial Hall


President, Mrs Margaret Wells, reported that attendances throughout the year had been very good.

During the year a number of long-standing members had passed away, and she extended sympathy to the families of Mrs F Newman, Mr Ernie Cunliffe and Mr Alex Binnie.

Various speakers had made the programmes enjoyable. These included Miss Emmi Sazavska - Arriving in New Zealand from Austria; Mrs E Waters - Historical Buildings in England; Mr J Higgins - Mt Morgan Mine; Miss J Waugh - the Principal Nurse from the Waihi Hospital gave a very informative talk; Mr Fred Carbutt, Mrs Goloboski and Mrs Wells told how they first came to live in Waihi. The highlight of the year was having a meeting at the Waihi Fire Station. Bring and Tell was also popular.

Some members attended the Paeroa Historical Society's 25th birthday luncheon.

The members of the Birkenhead Society had a field day in Waihi and were welcomed by the Waihi Society when they visited the museum.

There were two bus trips during the year - one to Tauranga and one to the Auckland Museum. These were popular.

The Society were appreciative of the kindness of W A C M A for making the No. 2 Gallery and facilities available for the meeting each month.


The Paeroa Historical Society offers its congratulations to the following Society members:-


who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 22 July 1989. Reg and Irene were married in the Methodist Church, Paeroa on 22 July 1939.


who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in November 1989.


who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 15 March 1990. Charles and Melba were married at St Marks Anglican Church, Te Aroha on 15 March 1940.


celebrated her 80th Birthday in January 1990


celebrated her 80th Birthday in February 1990.

At the Society's Annual Meeting LIFE MEMBERSHIP was conferred on the following members:

Mr & Mrs J L Brown

Mrs I Mead


The past twelve months have, from an historical perspective, been significant, both locally and nationally. The year, 1990, sees New Zealand commemorate 150 years since British Rule was established and on the local scene there have been Centennial celebrations to mark the opening of schools at Karangahake and Netherton. Both of these events are recorded elsewhere in the Journal.

An attempt is always made to record a variety of topics in each Journal, in the hope of having something of interest to everyone. Do you have a story to tell, a newspaper clipping or photograph of historical interest which could be the basis of a story for your Journal?

This year the Journal has been set out in a new format, with larger headings and two column text.Itis hoped that this will result in an even better Journal for our members.

Gary & Elaine Staples, Editors.

August 1990


Copies of the book, published at the time of the Karangahake School Centennial and District Reunion are available from Mr G Staples, P 0 Box 92, Paeroa.

The book is of 92 pages, printed on glossy paper and includes chapters on the history of Karangahake and Mackaytown as well as present day historic walks. It contains many photographs and a number of maps. Price, including postage is $25.00.