Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 33, September 1989

By Angela Morrison

Wharepoa War Memorial detail

Wharepoa War Memorial detail

Relocation of Wharepoa War Memorial
Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 33, September 1989
Wharepoa War Memorial detail

At the request of the Wharepoa Women's Institute, Mr Sid Bax, Chairman of the Wharepoa Hall Committee called a meeting to decide on the preservation of the War Memorial which had been erected in the Wharepoa School Grounds in June 1922 to honour the men of Wharepoa and Omahu districts who fought in World War 1. Many changes had taken place since then and the school closed. The area was now being used for grazing cattle and the fence around the memorial in urgent need of repair. After discussion, Mrs Joyce Bax, proposed a letter be written to the Thames Community District Council asking permission to re-erect the memorial inside the Omahu Cemetery gates. This was seconded by Mr S Rowbottom. If this was granted Mrs Bax volunteered to write to living relatives asking their consent to the relocation and if they wished to donate towards a new concrete base.

When all the replies and donations were received materials were bought and the men successfully completed the removal of the memorial to the Omahu Cemetery. The plastering and repainting of the names on the memorial were done by local monumental mason Mr J Audain, whom we thank most sincerely for donating the marble for the plaque inscribed with the simple message, "Resited Omahu 1973".

After all was completed the Wharepoa Women's Institute decided to hold the re-dedication ceremony on Anzac Day, 25 April 1973 at 1 30pm. Archdeacon W A Scott of Thames was the Officiating Minister. Mr W Brunton, once a resident and now mayor of Thames spoke a few well chosen words as did also Mr A A McCollom [McCollum ? – E], another former resident. Mr Arnold Clements, District President of the RSA, supported by veterans from Thames and Paeroa RSA congratulated those who had made the effort to preserve the fifty year old memorial and had chosen this quiet and restful place. Most notable amongst the large number of residents and descendants of the servicemen who attended was Mr J Handley of Netherton, the only living representative of the men named on the monument.

The President of the Institute, Mrs Audrey Bax, laid the first wreath, followed by the local cubs and their leaders, Mrs Cheryl Bax and Mrs Pam Green. Then all the children present put a poppy in the sand bowls provided. At the conclusion of the ceremonies, Mr Sid Bax invited all to the afternoon tea at the Wharepoa Hall.

* * *

Men of the district who moved the memorial included:- Messrs Sid, George, Ralph, Morrice, Frank, Allan, Peter and John Bax, Tom Handley and Rex Innes.

Donations received amounted to $52 and expenses incurred were $17.45 for sand, cement and metal, $32 for plastering and printing of names and $2.55 for cakes for afternoon tea.

* * *

This account was extracted from the minutes of the Wharepoa Women's Institute and the Hauraki Plains Gazette, 11 May 1973.

Alley Memorial Park

Alley Memorial Park

Relocation of Wharepoa War Memorial
Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 33, September 1989
Alley Memorial Park
Wharepoa War Memorial
Relocation of Wharepoa War Memorial
Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 33, September 1989
Wharepoa War Memorial


MEN FROM HIKUTAIA - on gates at Alley Park, Hikutaia.



D.C. Alley

A.K. Alley

F. Hill

F. Alley

A.W. Alley

F. H. Lanning

A.W. Alley

C. Alley

A. J. Lowry

F. Brogan

G.E. Alley

R. McCormick

T. Corbett

R. Alley

R. Morrison

H. Ensor

A.K. Alexander

W. J. Moyle

T. Durmett

D. Angel

J. Oliver

S. Lowry

H. Clark

C. Reid

T. Rae

R. Clay

W. Reid

H. Scott

P. Corbett

R. Royal

V.R.S. Scott

R. Crombie

F. Taylor


R. Dickson

H. Thomas


C. Downes

M. Walters


S.C. Gibb

V. Young


T.C. Gibb


MEN FROM WHAREPOA & OMAHU - monument in Omahu Cemetery Wharepoa Road, Hikutaia.

W. Jones

J. Olliver

V.R. McCollum

A. Jones

W. Tilsley

E. McCollum

D. Fisher

J. Watson

A. McCollum

J. Brunton

J. Noel

W.M. O'Hara

G. Davis

G. Clark

G. Rogers

W. Green

H.G.H. Ensor

J. Rogers

W. Clark

R. McRoberts

W. Mitchell

R. Odlum

A. Innis

G. Boot

C. Green

E. Innis

P. Gooder

P. Barron

H. Innis

W. Algie

W. Hill

W. Beaton

A. Blackwell

A. Hill

T. Handley

B. Thorn

R. Bedford

J. Handley

H. Clark.

J. Wyatt


H. Karewa

Hikutaia Township is situated on State Highway 26 between Paeroa and Thames.