Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 32, September 1988


Mrs Connie Broadmore is much to be thanked for her article in Journal 31 and the Historical Society congratulated on giving full page space to the reproduction of Christopher Aubrey's 1893 painting. Rye Lane itself is an enchanting enough name (now changed to Towers Street) but its possession of a turretted castle of almost fairy tale proportions was something quite unique in Paeroa's history. [see Journal 31: The Home of Edwin and Emily Edwards - E]

I was born in Rye lane and "The Castle", as we always called it, gave the street a character of its own. When we moved to Hill Street I frequently detoured on my homeward way from school along Rye Lane though this meant a final descent where the roadway ended, through a swamp, a climb up Taylor's Hill, and a scramble over two or three fences, all for the purpose of passing this fascinating building.

It is quite unfortunate that it was built of kahikatea timber, so prone to early decay. Otherwise it would today have been one of New Zealand's "historic places", open to the public as a rare experience for young and old.

C W Malcolm