Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 32, September 1988

In JOURNAL 31 (1987) there appears on page 35 a plan of the Wood Street School as it was in the year 1892. But a plan is not as interesting as a photograph, and this may be found in JOURNAL 16 (June 1972). Facing page 42 of that Journal is a photograph taken in 1907 of the Paeroa Volunteers lined up in front of the first High School room (Room "B" on the plan).

The window on the extreme left is that of the small 7 feet square Teachers' Room. The window on the extreme right of the photo is that of Room "C" on the plan in Journal 31. It is doubtful if there would be an older photo of the old school in existence. The building in this photograph was destroyed by the fire in 1910.