Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 31, September 1987

In July 1986 Arthur and Janet Sutton were farewelled at a function held at the home of Ian and Collen [Colleen ? – E] Mudford.

It was 1940 when Arthur's parents, Mr and Mrs Percy Sutton, who until then had farmed in Waihi, purchased an Upper Maratoto Valley dairy farm and came with their family to live there.

Arthur and Janet were married in 1951 and have three sons, Graham, Kenneth and Russell, who now live in other districts. So with the departure of their parents, it takes the name of Sutton from the Valley after 46 years.

In Arthur's young days, breaks away from farms were few. His first for many years was when he spent six months in the army during the Second World War. His great interest was in anything mechanical, hence his nickname among his farming neighbours, "The Pulley". As far back as 1940 he drove a model T Ford when he arrived in the Valley, ahead of the rest of the family. He made the first homemade top-dresser for use on the steep portion of the farm. This machine could be either wheel or engine driven.

He and his brother, Theo, also devised from other pieces of machinery, what farmer neighbours called a "crazy crab truck". This machine had the advantage of not running downhill if stopped with the steering released, as it always turned uphill.

Then in 1948 he bought the first round hay baler in the district. This, along with an early type of Massey Harris tractor-tractor-mower of his, are now in the Tauranga Museum.

After his father's death in 1950, he, in conjunction with his brother Theo, farmed the property as Sutton Bros. Later, when divided, he continued to farm his portion until selling it in 1985.

Despite his very full work load in 1970 Arthur became a Komata Riding representative on the Ohinemuri County Council, a position he held for nine years.

His wife, Janet served on the Hikutaia School committee for seven years. As well she was a committee member of the then sub-branch of the Paeroa Plunket Society and a member of the Wharepoa CWI.

The Suttons now reside in Paeroa.