Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 31, September 1987

By C J Gwilliam

A true story, with the names altered.

Scene :- in the Ohinemuri District

Participants :- a well loved Priest and one of his flock.

Father Hannan, on his rounds, called on one of his flock, Michael Manson, busy at a hasty lunch.

"Hello Mickey, an 'phwat be that ye be eatin of? Sassages? An' on a Friday? Ye old sinner."

"Oh Feyther, oi been so bizzy this week oi forgot Fridey come so soon. Phwat must oi do for a penance?"

"Oi'll be aisy on ye Mickey this once. Let me think phwat."

Micky was in the carrying business and had a horse and dray harnessed up outside.

"Micky", says Father, "ye can bring me a load of firewood termorrer an' Oi'll have ye forgiven."

Early next morning Micky drives to the sawmill, loads his dray with sawdust and goes to the Presbytery. On arrival a Sister is busy in the garden.

"Mornin' Mickey, an' phwat have ye there?"

Says Mickey, "Feyther asked me to bring 'im a load; 'an phwere shall oi drap it?"

Says Sister, "Feyther's away out, so better you tip it in the corner by the stable."

Mickey tipped the load and began to move off as the good Father arrived back.

"Phwat's this for Mickey?" says Father.

"Well, Feyther," says Micky, "if sassages is mate, then sordust must be firewood, - 'an ye did say 'if oi brought ye a load me sin wuld be forgiven'. So oi did, an' thank ye Feyther. Gud morning to ye Feyther an' maybe Sister'll make ye some oatmeal cakes to warm ye oop."

Exit Micky leaving the kindly old Father chuckling away in well-remembered humorous style.