Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 31, September 1987

Well known member of the Paeroa Historical Society, Mrs Noeline Reid was recently awarded the 20 Year Bar for Good Service to the Guiding movement in Paeroa.

At a function attended by many Brownies and ex-Brownies and others involved, the Provincial Treasurer, Mrs Jean Bott, made the presentation on behalf of the South Auckland Province. She commended Noeline for 22 years of loyal service. Her husband, Arthur was presented with the "Supporters Badge".

Noeline was photographed with one of her first Brownies, Mrs Susanne Pellet (formerly Guernier) and one of her present Brownies, Susanne's daughter, Anna.

Noeline expressed her gratitude to her helpers, especially Rosemary Evans who has been her Assistant Guider for 15 years, and the mothers. She spoke of the pleasure she derived from the work and, recalling the time when she first started as Brown Owl, referred to the many changes which had taken place to the Brownie programme - changes that have been necessary because of new ideas and fashion, but always abiding by the wishes of the founders of Guiding, Lord and Lady Baden Powell - Having fun but "being prepared" and "to help other people".

Noeline spoke with pride of the various activities and achievements of her Brownies.