Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 28, September 1984


A recent visit to Reservoir Road and the changes in that area brought many memories of my childhood spent on the Waihi Road. The Cooks (Mrs Cook of piano fame), the Fitches and Miss Phipps who used to lodge with them, the Kings, Treanors, Bing Chew and the Tanner house where we lived. The Cocks who lived in a 2 storied house across the River. Lena and Alice Cock used to row across the river in a dinghy. The Gentils, the Barretts, Maidens, Tom (the other gardener), the Buchanans, Capills, the Presbytery and Father Hackett, the Convent, the School and the Church. The Vincents, Porritts and the Cootes, whose property was called, "Knock na Veigh". Bill Buchanan's hut, the Beattie and the Sheehy homes.

I can remember the Bullion wagon with its armed guards riding with it, and of wading through waist deep water to get home after a sudden rise in the river and of catching my first eel on a pin.

The Porritt home was sold and re-erected on the Treanor property and C.B. Gentil's house was also sold and re-erected in Arney Street. The Tanner home was burnt down and the other homes were demolished. The road now goes through the Church property and the old road around the bend is now called "The Dell".