Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 27, September 1983


Prior to the building of the Paeroa Railway Tearooms, which were dismantled in Feb. 1983, there had existed since 1906, a small refreshment room leased to a Mrs. Alp. Mrs. Alp's lease expired on 31/5/29 and the Railways decided not to renew it but build a larger refreshment room. The cost was estimated at £3,370 on 6th June 1929. Building started on 28/6/29 and the new rooms opened on 10/10/1929. The old tearoom was converted into a porter's room at a cost of £52.

The Tearooms were a very important part of the Railway Service. Just before the train was due into Paeroa station the Guard who was always dressed in a black uniform plus a white shirt would walk through each carriage calling "next stop Paeroa, tea, sandwiches & pies" for a 20 minute stop. Before the train left the same Guard would walk through the carriages with a bucket and collect the cups. No other stop for refreshments was made from Paeroa to Taneatua final stop, or to Thames which ever train passengers were travelling. Local residents also patronised these rooms which were out of the main shopping area in Taylors Avenue.