Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 25, November 1981


ELSDON CRAIG - died 11/7/80 aged 63, after 2 years ill-health - P.0.W. - 4 years Poland, Son of Dr. George Craig, Morrinsville - Prof. Journalist. Retired 1974 - Deeply int. Maori his. and culture as was his Great Uncle, Elsdon Best who had lived with the Tuhoe tribe (Urewera) "Man of the Mist". Also Grandson of Col. W.T. Gudgeon, who lived in Devonport - Library.

Brother of Alison Drummond.


We are sorry to record the sudden death in Auckland on 5 - 2 - 81 of our 80 year old Contributor. He had been associated with journalism for 60 years and after being with the Whakatane Press, spent two years as the Ngatea correspondent of the Hauraki Plains Gazette (1921-22). Moving on to wider fields, including Story Writing, he spent 17 years in Gisborne, specialising in Agricultural matters and for 14 years was Editor of the N.Z. Farmer. Retaining his journalistic links after retirement he edited the Journal and Diary of the N.Z. Real Estate Institute, also writing its post-war History.

Mr. Murray maintained occasional contact with Ohinemuri and he and his wife were members of our Historical Society. His article on early Ngatea, accompanied by excellent photographs (such as his Piako ones) was published in Journal 18, June, 1974 [see Journal 18: Ngatea - Before it Grew - E].

We extend our sincere sympathy to his wife and family.


We learned with sorrow, of the death of CLIFF FURNISS, on the 6th November, 1980. Cliff joined the Auck. Maritime Society in November 1965 and was a staunch supporter especially in his capacity as Secretary. Concurrent with these activities he was working towards the production of his own book 'Servants of the North' (history of Northern Steam Ship Co. Ltd.) which must surely remain as THE definitive story of that time. It is perhaps most fitting that the last outing Cliff was able to make, was a visit at Labour Weekend in Oct. 1977 to the Maritime Historical Park at Paeroa to see the Northern Company's vessel KOPU, successfully raised.