Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 25, November 1981


Housed in the Rest Room which is part of the Paeroa Library Complex there is a large case of exotic Birds but few people now know its story, though a small brass plate tells us it was presented by "W.J. Potter esq. in 1913". Presumably this was when the Potter family who had come from South Africa left Paeroa for Overseas. The Case was then donated to the Paeroa Central School which in 1960 sought permission from the Borough Council to have it housed in the Library.

Mr. Potter was employed by Mr. Hague-Smith as Manager of his Hardware Shop. He and his wife and daughter Poppy lived in the Thames Road two storied house originally built for Mr. Hague-Smith next to that of Mr. Jack Hanna, Solicitor, who was a keen gardener. He gave a farewell party in his beautiful grounds for Miss Poppy Potter and it was considered the Social Event of the Year.

The (Hague-Smith) Potter home became the residence of many different people, among them Mr. W. Marshall who was Mayor of Paeroa for many years.