Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 25, November 1981

Regarding the article by 'Onlooker', about the Paeroa Racing Club in the August 1980 issue of the Ohinemuri Regional History Journal, I am afraid he has been confused as to which grandstand was burned down in the fire on December 31st 1979. 'Onlooker' states I quote - "It was believed to have been between 70 and 80 years old, including the many additions to the original structure during that time." [see Journal 24: The Paeroa Racing Club - E]

The structure to which 'Onlooker' was referring was obviously what was called the 'Thames Road stand' which was built some 70 or 80 years ago and was demolished in 1973.

In October 1972 the committee of the Jockey Club agreed to demolish the Thames Road stand and the contract was let to the West Football Club. The West Football Club completed the task by March 1973.

The members' grandstand which was burned to the ground on December 31st 1979 was erected in the middle 1930s. There were some problems over the erection of the new members' stand and a storm blew the framework of the first attempt down and the structure was redesigned and the building completed somewhere in the middle 1930s. Additions were designed to this building some years ago, the work being carried out by Lee Brothers of Paeroa. These additions included a bar on the ground floor off the bird cage, a bar and seating accommodation on the next floor for the president and his guests, with a tower three stories higher, including a press room, judicial lookout room and a judge's box. At the eastern end of the stand a public and secretaries office and other amenities were built and on the second floor, seating space for members with a mixed bar for ladies and escorts.