Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 24, July 1980


The Paeroa Museum is now well established. During the School Holidays we were fortunate in having the services of a student, thus the door was opened daily. Visitors from overseas plus many towns around New Zealand have written interesting remarks in the visitors book.

The Committee are most grateful for the donations that are coming forward. If you should have an article that would be suitable or perhaps an old photo of Paeroa or district or a school team, please leave it or send it to the Museum and it will be acknowledged.

The grant received from the Internal Affairs Dept. is being used to have our photo's copied with a new display folding stand. The gift received from the Handley re-union held at Paeroa Racecourse has bought a case to display this year's hand work of yester-years. We are grateful for its donation.

The street of shops are almost complete with many old names written from the early years of Paeroa trading.

Since our last Journal was printed donations have been received from :-

Mrs. E. Spinks.

E. O. Faber Ltd.

Bank of New Zealand, Paeroa.

Paeroa Price right Ltd.

M. A. Wells.

James Jensen Ltd.

National Bank of New Zealand, Paeroa.


Waikato Savings Bank, Paeroa.

Paeroa Home Industries Ltd.

Jordon Jewellers.

Provincial Transport Ltd.

Nell Climie.

Handley family from their reunion held in Paeroa.

John Buchanan.

Paeroa Borough Council District Fund.

Mrs M. Dance.

B. R. Thorp.

Internal Affairs Dept.




The President reported "It gives me pleasure to present this report after a successful year. To have opened our Museum a year ago and to have continued our monthly meetings with interesting speakers, shows we are much alive. We have been kept alive by enthusiastic support of our members.

Visits away have been well supported as have visits to our own district. During the last 12 months about 1800 visitors have passed through the Museum and from their comments recorded in the Visitors' Book, shows the pleasure they have gained.

We have been represented at the national meeting of Historical Societies held recently in Picton by Mr. and Mrs. Townshend and at a local gathering in Waihi when we listened to three speakers from the Auckland and Hamilton Museum.

I wish to thank all helpers, who during the past year have given much of their time in helping to build and run our Museum and our Historical Society."