Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 23, June 1979

Adams Street

Joseph Adams, Draper

Baber Street

J.W. Baber, Life Insurance Agent

Baker Street

Baker family

Banks Street

Edwin Gripper Banks, Mining Engineer

Barry Road

Hubert Percy Barry, Mine Superintendent

Bradford Street

Sergeant-Major George Roland Bradford, a member of the Ohinemuri Contingent. Bradford was the first New Zealander to be killed during the War.[Boer – E]

Brickfield Road

Laurie Bros, Brickworks

Buller Street

Sir Redvers Buller, British Army General

Bulltown Road

Bull family

Clarke Street

T.P. Clarke, Battery Engineer, father of the late Tom Clarke

Connell Street

Richard Connell, Father-in-law of W.H. Johnston

Consols Street

Waihi Consols Mining Property

Darby Street

Darby family

Dobson Street

Dobson’s Boarding House

Elliot Street

Adam Elliot, Miner

Favona Street

Favona Mine

Featon Road

John Featon, Mining Speculator

Galbraith Street

James Galbraith, Journalist. Editor of the "Waihi Miner"

Gilmour Street

Thomas Gilmour, Mine Manager

Gladstone Road

Waihi Gladstone Mine

Grey Street

Sir George Grey

Haszard Street

H.D.M. Haszard, Chief Surveyor, or Norman F.J. Haszard, early surveyor of the town

Islington Terrace

Miss L.A. Roberts, after her home town in England. She was Infant Mistress at Central School from 1896-1923 and held property in this street

Johnston Street

Walter H. Johnston, who, with N.F.J. Haszard, surveyed Waihi

Kenny Street

H. Eyre Kenny, Warden and Magistrate

Kimberley Road

Kimberley in South Africa was besieged at the time this street was surveyed

Kitchener Street

Lord Kitchener, British General

Margaret Street

Margaret Gilmour, wife of Thomas Gilmore

Martha Street

Martha Mine

Moresby Avenue

Tracy A. Moresby, Mining Registrar at Paeroa

Martin Road

Tom Martin, little old miner who had the first shanty in this road

Morgan Street

Robert Morgan, Manager, Grand Junction Battery. Father of Evan and David

Meuller Street

Gerhard Meuller, Commissioner of Crown Lands

Newman Street

Walter Newman, Accountant with Waihi Company. Grandfather of John Newman

Parry Palm Avenue

Hon. W.E. Parry (formerly part of Seddon and before that Broadway)

Rosemont Road

Rosemont Mine

Roycroft Street

George Roycroft, an early settler

Russell Street

T.H. Russell, Mining promoter

Savage Road

Henry Clinton Savage and Mary Ann Savage, owners of the freehold

[see also Journal 32: Origins of Waihi Street Names - E]