Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 23, June 1979

The past 12 months have seen important achievements and goals reached for both the Paeroa and Waihi Societies.

The Paeroa Society, after years of effort in fund raising and negotiating opened its Museum on 22nd April 1979. A milestone not only for the Society but for the town and whole district. Treasures and reminders of our past can now be made available for all to study. The full story of the Museum is recorded in the Paeroa section of this Journal.

In Waihi, Bert McAra's book "Gold Mining at Waihi 1878 - 1952" has been published, filling an important need to record in full the history and working of the Waihi Mine. The story of this book and that of the Waihi Goldfields Centennial has been recorded in the "Waihi Section" of this Journal, edited as previously by Mr. A. C. Hanlen.

The past year has also seen the Centennial of the Hikutaia School.

In the very first issue of the Journal in June 1964, the President, Rev. L. M. Rogers, M.A., stated in his Foreword "The purpose of an historical journal is twofold. On the one hand it sets out to make residents aware of the rich history upon which their present prosperity and security is founded. On the other hand it has to record the stories of the past before they disappear with the pioneers who made them".

Looking back over the Journals published there seems no doubt that these aims are being achieved, and further fulfilled with the opening of Paeroa's museum.

I would thank all who have contributed to the Journal and to the establishing the museum. This year Mr. Fielden Thorp retired as President of the Paeroa Society after holding this office for 12 years and prior to that as Vice President from the beginning of the Society's formation. I know that all have been grateful to him for his efforts and support in the Society's interests.

To Mr. Thorp and his wife we would say "Thank you" for all you have done.