Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 22, June 1978

Mrs Norma Rosborough

It was with great regret that members of the Historical Society learnt early last August that Mrs Norma Rosborough had died, suddenly and unexpectedly. Mrs Rosborough was the Secretary of the Waihi Historical Society and had been for many years.

Her Secretaryship of this Society was only one aspect of her selflessness, as she had spent her life, one way and another, in the service of the public, first as a Police Constable's wife and then as the Postmistress at Waihi Beach. During both these periods of her life, and later during her retirement, she counselled citizens of all ages who came to her for help, guided there, either on the advice of others, or by her cheerfulness and innate commonsense.

The encouragement she gave to people seeking help was only matched by the gratitude of the recipients, who in a small community were appreciative of knowing that their problems would be respected.

Being a lady of diverse interests as well as ability, Norma usually found herself in an executive position for the organisations that she was interested in and to these positions she brought a dignity that was reflected in her dealings with people.

We extend our sympathy to Norma Rosborough's family and at the same time feel proud, that we for so many years, enjoyed her company, help and advice.