Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 22, June 1978

By Bert McAra

A report on Mr McAra's book appeared in the 1977 Journal and it was with pleasure that the Waihi Historical Society received the completed book from the author. It should be noted that Mr McAra has not written his book for monetary gain but simply "for the record" and Waihi must be one of the few towns in New Zealand to have its Centennial Book presented in its Centennial Year. Following Mr McAra's lead, the Waihi Historical Society has no intention of making a profit and it is doubtful, in the effort to keep the price of the book at a reasonable level, if the Society will even recover the costs of research and photographs. Unfortunately the book will not be available for the Reunion Weekend of 1978 but samples of the book will be available for inspection and orders taken for delivery in time for Christmas. For those people who will not be able to purchase their book in Waihi there is enclosed in this Journal an order form for their convenience. The book will be a handsome one bound in cloth with gold lettering on the spine and will be approximately of 300 pages and profusely illustrated. Because of the costs, and the efforts the Society is making to keep these within bounds, there will not be a very large number of books printed and it is suggested that members take the opportunity of being first to order by using the enclosed forms. At the present the Society is busy raising the money to cover the cost of the printing and this, in these economic times, is not very easy, but it is felt that the efforts being made will be appreciated by all those with Waihi connections - EDITOR.