Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 22, June 1978

Report of Mr Warden Bush, Thames, to Under Secretary Mines Department 17th April 1907

The Waihi Company's mine, consisting of 874 acres, still continues to be one of the most productive in the world. In its various mining operations for 1465 men besides those engaged in bush work on contract supplying timber for all the requirements of this great mine. A great amount of mining work of all kinds has been done upon this property during the past year. One only requires to see the works at Waikino to realise the immense amount of labour necessary to keep that plant alone working full time, to say nothing of the two batteries at Waihi. The works at Waikino now cover several acres and appear to be added to daily. The amount of coal conveyed to this mine is very considerable, several trucks arriving by each train.

The Grand Junction Company, which has spent upwards of £200,000 in its mining operations is only now in a position to secure some of its precious metal to assist in it carrying on its future operations. About the 20th of last August its forty stamper battery was completed and crushing was commenced at once, and carried on with twenty three head of stamps to the end of the year.


22 January 1906 Arch Nicholson of Waihi killed by explosion in Richards Pass.

29 October 1906 William Thorpe, Grand Junction, killed by fall of earth at Battery excavation.

13 November 1906 William Gray & Thos. H. Boxall, Waihi, killed by explosion in No. 2 Shaft.

27 November 1906 George Small, Talisman, killed by falling down a pass.