Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 18, June 1974

16-1-1875. "OHINEMURI" (From an Excurtionist).

"As soon as we came in sight of the district on the river, we could see several fires on the face of the range, especially at that part known as the "Gorge" and in the neighbourhood of the Waitekauri. This showed that a good number of Prospectors were out. On getting up to the Paeroa, I found Mr. Alfred Thorp and Mr. Henry Johnson, laying out the township. The main road through the small swamp beyond the Hotel which faces the river, is to be a chain and a half wide, and there is to be an Esplanade where trees may be planted".

17-2-1875. "The eyes of the province are on Ohinemuri. The "Luna" is lying opposite Messrs Bennett and Cassrel's (Criterion) after much difficulty in getting there. Her length necessitated the pulling of her nose round the bends of the river by ropes. The Paeroa is the transit place. Mr. Lipsey and others who have stores in the Gorge come down to pack goods, while Austin's Hotel is a centre for the miners in the vicinity. There is a goodly array of tents at the Paeroa".

24-2-1875. "To-day I visited the Gorge settlement to be known in the future as Mackaytown and there found a large number of miners encamped, but only the road-makers were busy. There are already 3 grog-shops and Lipsey's building is on the other side of the river near Logan's reef".

2-3-1875. Within the past two days the population of Ohinemuri has materially increased. Yesterday no fewer than 6 steamers left Thames, 5 of them crowded. About 120 people went on board the "Takapuna", there being hardly an inch of standing room left. The "Effort" took only Mr. Mackay and party, but the "Pearl", the "Lalla Rookh", the "Alert" and the "Buona Ventura" were crowded and also carried a large amount of cargo. It is estimated that about 400 people went up the river and more are going to-day. There was considerable interest in the speed of the "Takapuna" but the "Alert", the iron boat, which left half an hour after her, passed her just below the Puke.