Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 17, June 1973


(A 1972 London letter was addressed to "The Town Clerk, Karangahake" by John Lewin, born in Karangahake, left with parents after World War I. Ed.)

A letter from a far off land a fellow-feeling wrought

For those who left New Zealand's shores - in other countries sought

To make their lives, yet we'er [ne'er? – E] forgot the little mining town

Where they belonged and knew so well before its sun went down.

What thoughts do these expatriots have so long since gone away;

To them does 'Hake still exist, the same as in their day?

Do stampers roar from morn till night, crushing out the gold;

Are there more dwellings on the hills, than in the days of old?

Such musings to the wanderer can bridge the gap of years

And clearly on his memory's screen his native town appears.

Thus does it occupy his mind till he is moved to write --

To hear once more of 'Hake town before life's last long night.