Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 17, June 1973


Continued from Journal 16 [see Journal 16: Paeroa District High School - E]

Beginners in the profession: many of whom made their mark not only in the teaching world, remain in the memory, some of them (in alphabetical order for impartiality) being: Jack Conolly, Fred Dare, Isobel Dare (Mrs. Mortleman) Arthur Flatt, W.E.(Bill) Leach, Bowen Miller, Connie Silcock (Mrs. Broadmore), Annie Southby (Mrs ---), and Dorothy Towers (Mrs. Nisbett).

An unhappy memory of the Great Depression days is the post of "Rationed Teacher" (one terms employment only per year!) - filled by a young Mr. Rutherford, a nephew of the famous scientist.

Men contemporaries not mentioned above, and more or less in order of time are: Secondary Department: R.P. Callaway, D.P. Melville, and Lincoln J. Smith. Primary: John E. Bigelow, M.A. who married Miss Josephine McCaskill, James E. Insley, Roy V. Smith, B.Sc. (who died while teaching at Paeroa), Maurice W. Winter, and W.J.B. Hunter. James P.K. Callaghan was to return as headmaster.

Women contemporaries: Miss Stella Baird, B.A. (Secondary), Miss Merle Burn, Miss Blackburn, Miss Claridge (Mrs. A.T. Jones), Misses Ethel Freeman, Elsa Gill, Gladys Gwilliam, Millicent Hoyle, Lovey, Henrietta Phair, Nell Rapson (Mrs. C.W. Malcolm), Lucy Real, Mildred Rosser, K.L. Tarrant, Elva Turner, Muriel Taylor, and Sylvia Taylor.

I close this List with sincere apologies to any I have overlooked in this test of memory over a period of sixty years.