Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 17, June 1973

by LILY DAWSON (nee Vowles)

Waihou, gleaming Waihou that winds across the plain,

Once boats plied up your waters and hastened down again

Bearing heavy cargo and early travellers too

For you were then our life-line -- a friend both tried and true.


There were no speedy highways in days of long ago

No big articulators running to and fro.

But you were busy Waihou! How many ships you've seen!

As your way you wended past banks of luscious green.


Rotokohu, Taniwha, Waimarie and old Kopu.

With humble scows and barges all well known to you.

Battling up your waters through fog and rain or sun,

To Netherton or Paeroa or on the longer run.


Waihou, dear old Waihou, do you remember yet

All those grand old Captains long ago you met?

Can you call to mind Ted Adlam who worked the upper lanes

Keatley, Bettis, Freeman, Sullivan and Raines?


The Kowhais blooming on the banks, spill down their golden showers

As Waihou memories crowd my mind with thoughts of happy hours.