Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 17, June 1973


PRESIDENT: Mr. N. F. Morton. TREASURER: Miss E. F. Butcher

SUMMER EXHIBITION: The season opened in a fresh looking gallery. There were new curtains on the windows, one wall had been painted terracotta and picture railings were set on all the wails. This means that exhibitions will be so much easier to hang.

The exhibition itself centred round paintings by Jan Lucas of Te Awamutu whose "Bush Series" in greens and yellows and with a third dimensional effect aroused much comment. Among the potters, Ken Kendall of Rotorua exhibited figures of "ordinary people doing ordinary things", some single figures, some in groups, lively and detailed. It is intended to buy a painting by Eric-Lee-Johnson - one of the pump house - for the permanent collection.

NEW EXHIBITS: Messrs Mayclair, Walker and Stanley erected a fine exhibit in front of the building - a double berdan and this provokes questions and explanations among all visitors. The Old Waihi Police "cell block" donated by Messrs Lee Brothers of Paeroa has interested all visitors. Its solidity and dismal interior send many a youngster out vowing to be good.

Over the summer period, Mr. Roy Paterson of Tauranga lent us his working model of early methods of gold mining in N.Z., a fascinating answer to the question "what is a battery crusher?" The model, sent on to Otago at the end of January has been missed.

THE CHILDREN'S ART DISPLAY followed with gaiety and freedom; Child expression was evident. The gallery was very bright over March and April.

BRASS RUBBINGS on loan from Miss Glenys Coleman will be on show during May.

Mr. Morton, our President and Mrs. Bange, a Council Member, are both overseas at present. We wish them a happy holiday.

M.D. Smeaton,

Hon. Secretary.


MEMBERSHIP:- 247: 5 life, 71 Family, 171 Single.

ACTIVITIES have included visit of Tauranga Historical Society.

Week-end visit to Rotorua (arranged by Miss F. Clark).

Report on Vintage Car Rally at Nelson (Mr. A. C. Hanlen).

Talk and Slides on Trip through America (Mr. H. Armour).

Display of early posters, tickets etc. (Mr. M. Roygard).

Early Farming Days in Waihi (Mr. G. Brown).

Early Municipal Affairs (Mr. N. Morton).

Trip to Fiji, Postcards and Music Recording (Miss F. Clark).

Trip Overseas especially to Paris (Mrs. Goodyear).

Slides and Talk (Old Waikino and Waihi) Mr. Claudelle [Caudelle ? – E] Clark.

Display at A. & P. Show (Victorian Sitting Room).

Visit to Matakohi [Matakohe – E] at Labour Week-end (Miss F. Clark).

Old Folks entertained for Afternoon.

Field Day to Tauranga. (Canoe, Museum, Meeting House and Park).

Talk on Historical Highlights in Ohinemuri (Mrs. Nell Climie).

Display of old Articles, photographs with discussion.

Our fund raising ventures have been very successful and thanks are extended to Mr. & Mrs. Cuff, (Golden Cross Hotel) for use of their premises and generous donations and to the A. & P. Assoc. for free space at the show. We have been able to buy a recorder which has been already put to good use.

Norma Rosborough,

Hon. Sec./Treasurer.

PAEROA - 1972 - 1973

MEMBERSHIP:- stands at 310; 5 life, 37 Family, 268 ordinary.

MEETINGS held regularly, each third Monday of the month. Field Days greatly enjoyed.

MAY 1972: Week-end Visit to Wainui-Silverdale Historical Society.

JUNE: Mr. H. Wilton "Native Trees and Flowers" (with slides). Slides also of old "logging Dam" (Kauaeranga).

JULY: Mr. R. Murdock - 'The Coming of the Maoris to New Zealand, their pas and communal habitations.

AUGUST: Tape Recording of talks by early residents. (Late Mrs. Denton, Mr. & Mrs. Silcock, Mr. Ahi Royal, and Mrs. Innes).

SEPTEMBER: Mr. Jim Scott, a co-driver in the winning Car Rally.

OCTOBER: (a) Mr. R. Young (Te Puke) - Slides and Talk, Kauri Logging in the Kauaeranga.

(b) Mr. McKinnon (Waikino) Slides, Old Steam trains on the Main Trunk Line.

(c) Members of Matamata Society visited us.

NOVEMBER: Visit to Miranda. (Reported).

FEBRUARY 1973 - Week-end visit by members of Wainui-Silverdale Historical Society (Reported)

MARCH: Mrs. M. Beattie and Mrs. I. Hughes gave talks on their overseas trips.

APRIL: ANNUAL MEETING. Reports and Balance. Election of Officers.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Gwilliam talked on their visit to Thailand.

T. C. Buchanan,

Hon. Secretary.