Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 17, June 1973


OUR CONTRIBUTOR - MR. HANLON now lives in Christchurch but periodically has returned to Waihi where his services as a musician are greatly appreciated. His instrument is the Flute and old folk will remember how he has added to their pleasure when the Waihi Historical Society has entertained them.


OUR CONTRIBUTOR - MRS. FLO SARJANT is the wife of Mr. Geo. Sarjant and they celebrated their Golden Wedding on 2-8-1972. They have been affectionately known throughout the district as the "unofficial Mayor and Mayoress of Netherton". For over 50 years they have served in most district organisations including the Anglican Church and have sponsored over 70 gift evenings or afternoons, chiefly for young couples embarking on matrimony. Last Year, as a mark of appreciation residents and ex-residents filled the Netherton Hall to capacity to express their gratitude. Mrs. Sarjant is a foundation member of the Netherton C.W.I. and has filled all its offices. This applies also to the Oddfellows Lodge, the Bowling Club and the Garden Circle. Mr. Sarjant's services have been legion. They had 3 children; Muriel (Mrs. A. Paul, Netherton), late Colin, and Howard (on home farm) and there are eight grand-children and six great grand-children.


MR. ANDREW ROBINSON, a Waihi Boy who became a Mining Inspector, has helped us previously and we greatly appreciate his authentic articles. We learn with regret that he has been seriously ill and would like to send him our warmest good wishes.


OUR CONTRIBUTOR MRS. MITCHELL who now lives in Karangahake has certainly maintained her interest in gardening, and is an ardent collector of rare "bottles".

We are also grateful to others who helped to revive the memory of old old family names.


OUR CONTRIBUTOR: MISS MANN has been Post Mistress at Waikino for 21 years after filling a similar position at Waitekauri. (See Journal 16 - Page 22) [see Journal 16: Waitekauri Re-Visited, 1955 - E]. It will be obvious that her article involved considerable research for which we are grateful.


OUR CONTRIBUTOR. MR. BEN HEATH, President of the Club, belongs to a family of "Life Savers". His Mother was a Foundation Member and his brother Edwin and late Father shared the interest. He now lives in Paeroa, is Contract Manager for Lee Bros. and is an active member of the Drama Club.


MR. ALAN BECK a farmer at Ngatea has a "Run-off" up the Rahu Road, Mackaytown; hence his interest in this district. He has specialised in plant culture and markets "peat" and a highly successful mixture for growing Orchids, his own greenhouse and clients being proof of this. He is also a keen member of the Paeroa "Recorded Music Group" but it is his photography hobby which has made him so valuable to the Historical Society. We are indebted to him for our wonderful collection of enlarged reproductions of old pictures, which he has since transferred to slides of tremendous interest, coupled with present day scenes and previously unphotographed minerals of great beauty.


MR. PHIL JONES might well be called "Chief Field Officer" for our Historical Society. Coming to Paeroa 20 years ago his contacts with old identities and his love of exploring soon made him an authority on over-grown tracks and old mining sites to which he has guided innumerable interested parties. He and his close friend Alan Beck are a wonderful "team" as evidenced by Phil's commentaries on Alan's slides. Last year Phil was awarded the Medal of Merit by the N.Z. Scout Association in recognition of his service to Scouting in the area. He is the Hauraki Scout District Commissioner and in 1967 received the Chief Scout Commendation.


MRS. SADIE STRANGE (3rd generation Morrison) is The wife of Mr. Frank Strange (Sen.) of Komata.

The first years of married life were spent in Whangarei where Mr. Strange was Post Office Official. Returning to Komata they reared five sons and one daughter (the Late Sister Mary Agnes). Mrs. Strange has been active in Women's Organisations and Church work. Her brother George (Hikutaia) has inherited love of "sailing". His launch "Invader" and fishing expeditions are well known.

A very interesting book entitled "Morrisons of Geraldine" – 1867-1967 was published to mark the centenary of the Geraldine Morrisons who are related to the Hikutaia branch of the family.


MRS. MARY GLEADOW (Sen,) an outstanding resident of Paeroa for many years, now lives in Nelson where her daughter is Chief Nursing Officer for the Nelson Hospital Board, and responsible for its entire nursing services. Her son Lawrence has carried on the timber tradition in Paeroa.