Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 16, June 1972


In connection with recent "historical" visits to Coromandel it was noted that the Hospital was established 100 years ago - in 1872 - when Dr. Hovell was appointed superintendent. Ten years later a report states: Pleasantly situated on 3 acres - bounded on 2 sides by stream - wooden building - shingle roof - very rough internally - flax mattresses - only one nurse - (male). In 1896 the first female nurses were 2 Nuns from the Coromandel Convent. In 1899 a new Hospital was built and Nuns (trained in Sydney) took charge. This was the forerunner of the Auckland Mater Hospital. The late Mother M. Gonzaga, O.B.E. served as Matron at both hospitals. Miss M.T. Corbett was Matron in 1950-51, Mrs. Ada Bramble (86) nursed at Cor. over 60 years ago.