Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 9, May 1968

The museum display of interesting exhibits and minerals has grown considerably since these were first mentioned in Vol. 1, No. 1. The new mineral cabinet for which we are indebted to the Mines Department grant will soon be full of new specimens that are continuing to come in from many parts of Australia and New Zealand. The Geology group are making available typical New Zealand specimens which are being labelled and forwarded to museums overseas. New minerals and new uses for minerals are being discovered every year, so this is an exciting and inexhaustible field which our museum is exploring with benefits not only to our geology groups but also to students far and wide.

Of course there is still much to be accomplished and we hope that in the next decade those in charge will continue the work. Every detail must be checked and rechecked so that the record is as correct as possible. Interesting anecdotes no doubt keep the interest of an audience, but an oft told one so easily becomes distorted, so museum work must of necessity be slow and pains-staking. Also our sporting friends naturally like to find a photo displayed of their grandfathers who played in a particular year, but there must be a limit to the number of sports photos which can be displayed. There are men and women in medical spheres, churchmen, bandsmen, policemen, artists, councillors, surveyors, timber workers, engineers, miners and farmers with their hard working families and many others who played their part in making our district what it is to-day. There must, if possible be a corner for all, if our museum is to fulfill the purpose for which it was commenced.

In spite of a few past doubts the Art Gallery is finding a definite place in the life of our community. A most successful summer exhibition of representative art will close after Easter, when having viewed the work of well-known New Zealand artists, we are hoping that our local artists are preparing to come forward with another exhibition which will once again show our visitors what our Paeroa and Waihi districts can do. The talent is here. We are awaiting the results with keen anticipation.