Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 8, October 1967

MARTIN WILSON (completing 2 years teaching in Sarawak) sends fascinating details of holiday expeditions, peak achievement being ascent of Mt. Kimabalu, 13,455' -- which is higher than Mt. Cook. The party included his two sons, Doug.14, who reached the summit, and Gordon 11, who valiantly managed 11,000'. The cold and the descent were trying. He says, "Wanting to get out of the cold the party planned to make for Camp H.Q. at 6,000' but I knew I couldn't expect to go further than "Carsons", (= descent of Mt. Te Aroha which I had done twice in one day). Our two Japanese friends stayed at rear, waiting I think to carry me down. Legs were buckling and rubbery indeed so I did everything but fall down. But the stamina of the boys was wonderful."