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The Ohinemuri Regional History Journal

First published in 1964, the Journal contains a wealth of wonderful reading. This outstanding heritage resource, with firsthand accounts, researched articles, historical information and more, is now easily searched via a search page.

Waihi Borough Council Waihi Diamond Jubilee Booklet 1902 - 1962 

Published in 1962 for the Waihi Borough Council Waihi Diamond Jubilee. Editor Nellie Scott Climie. In many ways this was the first Ohinemuri Regional History Journal (see Nellie's Editorial).

Karangahake School and District 70th Jubilee 1889 - 1959

Published in 1959 by the Jubilee Committee. Chairman Eric Nash. Editor Nellie Scott Donaldson (Climie).

Diamond Jubilee of the Ohinemuri County 1885 - 1945

This "Diamond Jubilee Souvenir and Historical Record of the Ohinemuri County, 1885-1945" was published in 1945 by the Ohinemuri County Council. Editor A A Jenkinson, County Clerk.

KARANGAHAKE the years of the gold 1875 -1935

This Monograph was researched and compiled by Nell Scott Climie, B. E. M and Gary Staples, from numerous recollections of early settlers and their families, and from early written records including newspapers and mining reports. Published 1983.

Historic Tracks of the Ohinemuri District

bulletManuscripts by Chook Sutton
bulletGPS data by Eric Lens.

Coal Mines of the Ohinemuri District

Weka Watch Files

In the early 1990's, Gary and Elaine Staples set up an enclosure to begin a weka breeding programme in Karangahake. "Weka Watch" recorded their progress, and the ultimate failure of the project because of predation. Can the Weka once more be nurtured in the Ohinemuri?

Kokako Lost

Between 1991 and 1993 Sid Marsh published his Kokako Log in the Waihi Leader.

Heritage at Mill Stream Walkway, Waihi

The "Heritage" section of the Waihi Walkways website provides a summary of features present in the landscape in the vicinity of the Mill Stream Walkway.  Included is a series of images and maps.  Follow this link: http://www.waihiwalkways.org.nz/heritage/millstream/introduction.htm


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