Waihi Borough Council Diamond Jubilee Booklet 1902-1962

Mr Robert Morgan was a well-known personality during Waihi's early days. He had wide experience of mining before coming here in 1896 to take the appointment of Manager of the Grand Junction Mine. Mr and Mrs Morgan had two sons and two daughters. It will be remembered that Miss Maggie Morgan was a music teacher of note and a Church organist for 45 years.

Mr Evan Morgan, who established his tailoring business in Waihi in 1899, took an active interest in the affairs of the town, being a borough councillor for about 10 years. His daughter, Ivy, is Mrs Agnew of Whangarei, but three of his sons, Leslie, Royce and Gwyn are still in Waihi and Lewis is in New Plymouth.

Two old Waihi families were linked when Les Morgan married Thelma Saunders, one of a family of 12, Ralph and Douglas (Provincial Plumbers), Fred (teacher at College) and Phillis (Mrs K. Grant) being in Waihi today. Les Morgan's son. Jack, married a daughter of Claude Olphert and their children are members of the fifth generation of old families.

In the hey-day of mining many "wild-cat" companies were promoted and gold-bearing reefs were "located" in any place the promoters desired. On one occasion a preliminary prospectus had been issued and the lay of a supposed roof [reef – E] indicated on a plan in a sharebroker's office. Subscriptions for shares were, however, slow in coming in and a "wag" wrote across the plan indicating that, unless the balance of shares was taken up by the end of the week, the reef would be diverted into the adjoining area. — J.B.B.