Waihi Borough Council Diamond Jubilee Booklet 1902-1962

An eminent Professor once advised his students to study the past with an eye constantly on the present, and we have tried to bear this in mind while compiling the Record of Waihi. History not only furnishes us with a key to the present by showing how our situation came about, but at the same time supplies a basis for comparison between our days and those of old. Without history the differences are sure to escape us, and we are much too inclined to take thing's for granted, without due appreciation of the efforts of the past and the possibilities of the still unrolled future.

A heartfelt word of thanks must be said to those who have collected or written contributions for this Booklet. Indeed, far from suffering from lack of material we have been "embarrassed with riches," and it has been a most difficult task to keep within the bounds of our allotted space. We would point out, however, that nothing will be destroyed. Any matter not included now, could well form the nucleus of future "Historical Journals," and so continue the story in more detail.

We thank too the staff of the Gazette office, Miss Freda Butcher for much of our typing, and those who have helped with illustrations, especially Mr Tom Morgan for his remarkable map, the Camera Club and Messrs Campbell Smith, Reg Bell, H. Hauesler, Bryan Sayer and the Rev. George, who designed our cover under very difficult circumstances.

The co-operation of "Old Identities" has been outstanding, and to them especially we are deeply grateful. Not only have their memories assisted us, but their hospitality has been wonderful. We know too, that the tale of their yesterdays as depicted here is as nothing compared with the inner record of their joys and sorrows — something beyond words, which yet finds an echo in every understanding heart.

This then is not the full story, and we ask forgiveness for our short-comings, but we have done our best to record the high-lights of the facts as we know them, and to maintain the spirit of adventure that inspired our forebears, and led us to these days of remembering.

—Nellie Scott Climie.