KARANGAHAKE the years of the gold 1875 -1935

Dedicated to the Memory of KARANGAHAKE PIONEERS


"This remains here

This was here, I well remember, over fifty years ago,

Subject to untiring Nature as to many dying creatures,

Altered ways, crop and colour, but preserving living features,

That we love and seem to know.


"I am gazing -

Into what is man's foundation, the enduring scene that stands,

Comforted by sun and water, glad of either in their season,

Something that outlasts our minute, and has majesty for reason,

While its granites wear to sands.


"Here I leave it

Here it leaves me in the twilight, the imperfect wax it prest;

Knowing this, that it has shaped me, or mis-shaped me, for the telling,

Of the purpose of the spirit that possesses this, indwelling,

Knowing change, but never rest."


From The Hill by John Masefield

(Publisher - William Heinemann)