Karangahake School and District 70th Jubilee 1889-1959

We quote from the 1900 Encyclopedia: —

"Wight, Albert Edward, butcher, Main Road, Karangahake. This is one of the oldest businesses in the district and was established by Mr Barrett about 1880. There are customers all over the Goldfields and Mr Wright employs five hand, three saddle horses and a cart."

Tetley, Joshua, corner of Bridge and Main Streets. This business was established in 1892. Mr Tetley had five years' experience in Wellington with the Gear Meat Company. His father claims to have established the original business which was taken over by Mr Gear. Mr Tetley has a pig farm at Mackaytown (Turner's Hill), where he usually has at least 200 pigs in various stages of growth, and is arranging to put down a small freezing plant on his own account." (Alas!).

Adams Bros., Drapers and Importers. Branch at Waihi. These enterprising brothers established their present businesses early in 1892 on the first gold rush to Karangahake and Waihi, where they at once took the premier position in each locality and have held it ever since. They learnt the drapery trade in some of the best houses in Auckland and the Thames. They are therefore well versed in all the requirements of a goldfield business."

The following names will bring back memories.

W. Searle, Bootmaker.

Charles Taylor, Plumber.

Keating, Baker.

Geo. Fallon, Tailor.

Mynette, Miss Bullian, Noonan (Drapers).

McWatters, Conway, Tomy Atkins, Brockett and Shand, McNamaras, Lew Nevin, Shearers (Stores).

Ott, Vuglar, Wells (Butchers).

Nat. White, David Leach, Thorburn, Liddel (Stationers)

Charlie Tresize, Jeweller.

Jas. Bracken, Hairdresser.

Harry Cordes, Mercer.

Do you remember "John the Chinaman" delivering vegetables by the cart-load, fresh from the gardens opposite Trainers?

And Bill Marsh and his boys delivering milk?