Karangahake School and District 70th Jubilee 1889-1959

Members who have represented the Karangahake Riding: C. Nash 1887-1898, H. Charlton 1890-1893 [Henry Nangreave Chalton 1850-1929, Samuel Chalton’s eldest son - correction kindly supplied by Andrew Chalton 2018], W. Littlejohn 1890-1891 (County Engineer 1891-1895), G. N. McGregor 1891-1899, R. Stackpoole 1898-1902, M. Marrinan 1899-1913, C. Trezise 1904-1908, J. Cockrane 1905-1908, C. E. Lloyd 1908-1917, H. W. Guthrie 1911-1914, A. D. McGuire 1913-1927, J. B. Morris 1927-1938, T. Cotter 1938-1944, E. L. Yearbury 1944-1947, J. Rackham 1947-1951, W. H. S. Browne 1951.

Mr H. R. Morrison is the present chairman.

Mr A. A. Jenkinson

We are proud of the fact that this "Karangahake Old Boy" has held important executive positions with the Council for 40 years. Born at Thames in 1903 he came with his family to the Rahu Road before he was a year old. Alf attended first the Mackaytown and then the Karangahake School, completing his education at Thames High School. He was appointed Assistant County Clerk in 1919, and in 1932 was promoted to be County Clerk and Treasurer, a position which he has filled with distinction for the last 27 years. (Other members of his family are Jessie, Bill (a Supervisor in the Paeroa Telephone Exchange) and Lillian).