Karangahake School and District 70th Jubilee 1889-1959

Old Timers will remember the first medical men who came out from Paeroa per "buggy" when needed — Dr Buckley and Dr Smith, who always wore "tails." Then we were fortunate in having Dr Craig and Dr Cheesman living here.

In those early days we had some wonderful Nurses — mostly called on for maternity cases, but always ready to help in times of distress. There were Nurses Pennell, Morton, Collinson, Seymour, Hodges, Nolan, Quinn, Nealie, and many another good soul who helped her neighbours.

Now in Paeroa we have Dr Haslett, Dr Bartrum, Dr Darby and Dr Anderson, a fine Maternity Hospital (Sister Moore, 14 years, Sister Toussant, 9 years), and Park View Private Hospital (Sisters Glennie and Campbell) as well as the expert aid of a District Nurse (Sister Noble) and a Plunket Centre.