Karangahake School and District 70th Jubilee 1889-1959

Plaque on the Kopu Bridge tells us — "Near this spot James Cook with the Naturalists, Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander, landed while exploring the river Thames in the ship's boats of the H.M.S. Endeavour. 21st November, 1769."



From a painting by John Masefield.


The following is an extract from one of Mr Masefield's letters (which we gratefully print with his permission.)

"Years ago when I lived at Greenwich, I used to go often to the Painted Hall, as it was called, where there were many marine paintings, including a portrait of Cook, who was a very fine looking fellow. I used also to see, elsewhere, some of the exquisite charts he made, for he was (in that way) a lovely artist. When I was in Melbourne I saw the little house where Cook was born. It had been brought from England and rebuilt there. They celebrated the occasion by a competition among schoolboys for the best model of Cook's ship. Many of the boys had never seen a ship but I was astounded at the skill of the work done, and the knowledge shown by all the competitors.

"I have painted you something like one of Captain Cook's ships. Here she comes under a fair amount of sail and with every blessing."